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Hæleum. The ultimate in performance wear.

Hæleum. The ultimate in performance wear.

What do you get when you combine 25 years of apparel manufacturing experience with a few demanding outdoor enthusiasts and put them into the Pacific Northwest – one of world’s most diverse playgrounds? Hæleum

A Positive View of the Future
Insect Shield technology represents a responsible way to use insect repellent. Hæleum puts just enough bug protection right where it is needed—around an individual. Hæleum products repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, chiggers, ants and midges (no-see-ums), with only a small amount of long-lasting active ingredient. Compared to spraying, fogging, or topical insect repellents, Insect Shield can help reduce overall pesticide and repellent use. Simply put, Insect Shield provides a method of insect protection with many advantages.

Innovative Thinking, Responsible Management and a Problem-Solving Attitude
Only a small amount of permethrin is used in each Hæleum garment, and it is bound tightly to the fabric fibers. Independent laboratory tests show that the active ingredient remains in Insect Shield treated apparel through 70 launderings. Similar to the dye in colorfast clothing, the Insect Shield active ingredient is designed to stay in the garment. This not only demonstrates the durability and value of Insect Shield repellent apparel, but also other significant advantages, including the potential for reduced use of other types of insect repellent products.

Is the Insect Shield manufacturing process responsible, too? Yes. The patent-pending Insect Shield process utilizes a proprietary system designed for no loss of active ingredient into the environment. 

Hæleum manufacturing processes and procedures are designed to be clean, efficient and contained, and our facilities utilize programs that support and promote waste recycling and energy efficiency. The innovative thinking represented by Hæleum products and the responsible management of our company depict a creative, problem-solving attitude—one that is necessary for dealing with the environmental challenges faced by everyone.

Both individually and globally, we must create better ways to address the problems posed by insects—and insect-borne diseases—while using pesticides sparingly and wisely. The health and well being of future generations depend on our ability to create valuable new technologies while preserving the Earth’s environment and resources.

The future of insect protection lies in more intelligent application of technology. Hæleum is committed to offering products that have a positive impact on people’s comfort and health, while considering the long-term well being of our planet.

What does "Hæleum" mean?

Hæleum comes from the old English root word hael, meaning sound physical condition, protection against attack and deliverance from unfavorable conditions. And that’s exactly what we set out to do with every garment we produce.
With qualities like 40 UPF sun protection and extreme moisture transport, every light weight, silky smooth Hæleum garment provides the ultimate in comfort and performance. Each piece features 100% microfiber polyester, natural stretch and insulating qualities, and remains wrinkle free and easy to care over its entire life.  Best of all, our Insect Shield technology provides you with much needed hæl against outdoor pests.
Hæleum. Wear it Out.

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