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Custom Printed Hæleum™ Shirts

Wondering if you can get custom-imprinted Hæleum shirts for your next adventure or outdoor event? 

We have you covered.

kayak lake mead team wearing custom made haeleum shirts with inset shield

Frequently Asked Questions

What imprinting process is used?

Your shirts will be either screen-printed or dye sublimated - depending on what best fits your needs.

What is the difference between “screen printing” versus “dye sublimation?

Screen printing is the more traditional method that places ink on top of the fabric. Dye sublimation is different in that it actually changes the color of the fabric itself. The upside of this method is that doesn’t change the feel of the fabric and it doesn’t wear off like inks can. A limitation of this process is that it only shows well when the imprint color is darker so your shirts should be a lighter color - like those shown below.

Will imprinting my shirts effect their insect repellency or UPF protection?

No, the protective qualities of your shirts will not be diminished by Hæleum's imprinting methods. (We do not recommend having them imprinted by another provider as their processes may degrade your shirt’s protectiveness).

How many shirts do I need to order?
We recommend at least 24 pieces. (Smaller quantities are subject to additional set-up fees).

What’s next?

We prefer 1-color vector art, saved in outlines. This usually looks best when matched with the color of the Haeleum logo already being used on the particular style you select. Depending on the quantity and color, the dye sublimation process will be your best option. If you have the time, we can even build shirts for your event from scratch. At 144 pieces and 8 weeks, we will work with you to design your custom Hæleum branded shirt.

For more information and pricing send us a message using the contact form below.