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Official Amazon 5000 Expedition Shirts Now Available

Mickey Grosman - Leader of Amazon 5000Help support Mickey Grosman's fight against cancer with your own high-performance A5K-HÆLEUM shirt - The very same insect repellent shirts he and his team are wearing on their journey across South America. Visit Mickey's bio page to learn more about this extraordinary adventurer.

Just like Mickey, these custom made shirts are far from ordinary and built for adventure. So special, in fact, that the Amazon 5000 team are the only people who have been able to get them – until now! That's right, now you can buy the very same AMAZON 5000-HÆLEUM shirt Mickey Grosman and his team wore on their trek across South America ot help raise cancer awareness.

There's no other shirt around that does all this:

• Shows the world you support Mickey Grosman’s fight against cancer.
• Provides a generous matching donation to Amazon 5000 Foundation.
• Protects you against insect bites from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, ants, flies and the
   dangerous diseases they can carry including West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.
• Defends you from sunburn with built-in 50 UPF Sun Protection.
• Keeps you cool & dry in the heat, and warm when it’s cold using DryTru fabrics engineered
   with extreme moisture wicking and thermal control technologies.

Insect repelling Tee T-shirt - Ladies | Frost
A5K maegen
Insect repelling Tee T-shirt
A5K faran
Insect repelling Tee T-shirt - Ladies | frost
A5K lyft

Purchase of any of the items above and Hæleum will provide Amazon 5000 with a generous matching donation.

*No Discounts allowed on fundraising items.