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Haeleum insect repellent shirts are designed for outdoor adventures like trail running and mountain biking. But the uses for Haeleum shirts extend far beyond play. Haeleum shirts with Insect Shield® Repellent Technology have been proven in numerous government and private studies to protect against mosquitos that can carry West Nile Virus, which has been on the rise this summer in many parts of the United States – especially in Texas. Learn more about the Dallas County outbreak and defending against WNV in this article by health writer, Ben Hirshberg.

Mass Mosquito Sprays Center in Dallas with West Nile Virus Hitting Hard around the Country

By Ben Hirshberg

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Unfortunately when it comes to mosquitos and the West Nile Virus, the saying appears to be true this summer. 

The signs of a mosquito-friendly summer were there this winter with the weather being unusually warm. Many bug and disease analysts’ predictions have come to fruition recently, with significant outbreaks of West Nile popping up all over the country. None have been bigger than in the state of Texas, which has suffered seventeen deaths at the hands of the virus, more than double Louisiana, which has the second most West Nile Virus related deaths this year at six. 

Within Texas, Dallas County has been taking the brunt of the mosquito misfortune. The county has suffered ten fatalities and almost 200 West Nile Virus infections. The numbers have finally reached a tipping point, as Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has declared a state of emergency. 

Rawlings has also authorized an aerial mosquito spraying. The aerial mosquito assault will be Dallas’ first in over forty-five years. Mosquito sprayings are popping up all over the country with the widespread West Nile Virus concerns. Other states spraying the bugs include Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois. 

Not everyone agrees with Mayor Rawlings’ decision to spray. Nearly 2000 people have signed an online petition calling for the spraying to stop. Those who are against the spraying believe that the chemicals used are ineffective and have potential to cause harm to children, pets, and insects such as ladybugs and bees. 

The claim that the aerial spraying is not effective seems to lack evidence, as one study done in California showed a six times reduction in illness in sprayed areas compared to areas that did not receive spray.

However, there does appear to be at least some level of risk involved with the aerial spraying. The chemical that is sprayed is called Duet Dual-Action Adulticide. On the label of Duet Dual-Action Adulticide, there is a statement calling the chemical toxic to certain species of aquatic life such as fish. Even Dallas city officials have advised citizens to stay inside and shut windows while spraying occurs, which has further increased doubts about the safety of the mosquito sprays. 

Other citizens are in favor of the mosquito sprayings. They point to the increasing numbers of West Nile Virus infections across the country, which now number almost 700. Spraying the bugs is seen as the lesser of two evils in the minds of many. 

With today’s technology, other options are available however. Insect Shield technology is proven to repel mosquitos, and is able to be fused into several fabrics, ranging from shirts to bandanas. If I were in Dallas right now, I would certainly be wearing my Haeleum insect repellent shirt!

Here’s some more tips on how you can help protect yourself from mosquito bites that can lead to West Nile Virus Infection:

For more Information about West Nile Virus in the United States visit the Center For Disease Control web site.