Haeleum | Insect Repellent Clothing

Yassine Diboun wearing Haeleum Ridda shirt with Insect Shield

Yassine Diboun

Yassine is an ultra marathon runner based out of Portland, Oregon where he lives with his wife Erica and daughter Farah. Yassine absolutely loves running and exploring the trails and mountains whenever he gets the chance. He’s been racing competitively for years now and has competed at events from one-mile races all the way up to 100-milers through rugged terrain.

Yassine’s passion runs so deep that In 2012 he launched a small business with a friend called Animal Athletics which involves group/personal training, coaching, and guided trail running trips. Between training for endurance events (largely in the mountains and forests) and his business Yassine spends a great deal of time deep in the outdoors, which is why he is so excited to have crossed paths with Haeleum. To learn more about Yassine visit his site - Yassine Diboun: life on the run.