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Triathlete Todd Powers wearing Haeleum mountain biking shirt - Braedan

Haeleum Athlete: Todd Powers

Besides being a father and husband, Todd Powers is a Medical Malpractice Insurance Agent in Michigan. Todd is also a freelance Graphic Designer working through-out Metro Detroit. He has a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and has worked on many projects in the racing/promotion industry (motorsports, cycling, running, and more).

Todd’s family (wife and two young daughters) stay active with him and are his biggest supporters. He races mtb’s mainly in Michigan, but does some events in the Midwest and Canada. Todd currently races at the expert level (Category 1 – USAC) and enjoys the weekend warrior competition and camaraderie.

You can find Todd's blog, including race reports at Living the Dream, Brother.

Todd Power's 2013 Event Schedule
March 9th
Sub-9 Death March / Adventure Style MTB 2-person Team
March 23rd
Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road / MTB (36 miles)
April 28th
Pontiac Lake Recreation / USAC / MTB XC
May 11th
Island Lake Recreation / USAC / MTB XC
May 19th
Xterra Fort Custer / Off Road Tri
May 26th
Stony Creek Marathon / USAC / MTB XC (60 miles)
June 9th
Addison Oaks / USAC / MTB XC
June 16th
Xterra Brighton / Off Road Tri
June 30th Bloomer Park / USAC / MTB XC 
July 20th Brighton Torn Shirt / USAC / MTB XC
Aug 11th Tri To Finish – Stony Creek / Off Road Tri
Aug 18th Ruby 50 miler / MTB XC
Aug. 24th Stony Creek Park / USAC / MTB XC 
Aug. 31st SwampFoot 4 Mile / Off Road Obstacle and Trail Run
Sept. 7th
Xterra Epic Marquette / Off Road Tri (longer “Epic” course)
Oct. 6th
Xterra Grand Rapids / Off Road Tri)
Nov 3rd IceMan Cometh / MTB XC