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Thomas BastisHaeleum Athlete Thomas Bastis

For Thomas Bastis, sitting in front of the television changed his life forever. He credits watching a broadcast of “Eco-Challenge: The Expedition Race” for his inspiration to compete in adventure racing. His curiosity was peaked and a passion for outdoor adventures was created.

As an accomplished cyclist, he is a natural fit into a competitive team of adventure racers. Thomas, along with as many as three other teammates, competes in adventure races around the world. Racers in these events may bike, trek, run, kayak, swim, climb, rappel and even spelunk. Every team member has a role to play and Bastis’ main role is the team’s cartographer/navigator. He has competed in dozens of events of varying lengths and disciplines including:

Even when he’s not off on some far-flung adventure, Thomas still spends a lot of time outdoors training, and working as the “head weed puller” (aka superintendent) for the California Golf Club in San Francisco Bay area where he lives with his wife and two kids.